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andrei ermakov, photographer

5 star amazon reviews

wedding, events and family photos

these moments are important. my aim is to capture the essence of you and your family, document the magic of special events as well as the little things that so often go unnoticed or slip away from our memories. my photo shoots are fun, which means that i am able to produce relaxed and natural pictures of any special event like wedding, birthday party or other. family photo sessions can be organized both in the comfort of your home or at any location.

business portrait and commercial photography

i am providing commercial, industrial, editorial and corporate photography services.

model portfolio photos

if you are looking to update your modelling portfolio or start one from scratch do give me a call. we will work together and you will be guided every step of the way as we create a diverse modelling portfolio.

looking forward to see you soon  |  andrei ermakov - gta photo.

regular photo sessions include:

price of photoshoot is $80/hour and total time depends on volume of work, location and personal requirements

  • please contact me to get info on wedding or special events packages
  • arrange family photography or modelling session in the studio or at a location of your choice
  • you get 20-40 professionally retouched photographs in high-resolution digital format
  • professional quality print album can be produced on request

5 star amazon reviews

maternity photography

5 star amazon reviews

a newborn photography session will capture this time with ageless images that will make your heart melt. these will be the most precious memories you will ever have.

kids photography

5 star amazon reviews

we can organize photo sessions on location, whether that be in your own homes or at a beach, park or urban area.

family photos

5 star amazon reviews

celebrate the love you share as a family with professional, yet natural and creative family portraits. save fantastic memories and wonderful moments.

5 star amazon reviews

andrei ermakov
7-27 west deane park drive,
toronto, on m9b 2r5

e-mail: gtaphoto1@gmail.com

5 star amazon reviews

the terms of this policy apply to the gta photo website, unless different terms are specified online or by another form or contract provided to you.
use of information.
gta photo uses your information for contact purposes only. your information is not distributed to any other person or organization outside of gta photo. your contact information may be stored in our database for an indefinite period of time for contact purposes only.


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